Jade Le Maitre

CTO & Co-Founder chez Hease Robotics

Co-founder and CTO of Hease Robotics (www.heaserobotics.com), Jade Le Maître, Jade has taken much initiative to be involved in the robotics community. With a background in engineering and having fully conducted a research project about human-robot interaction, Jade found her passion in working in the science communication sector. Throughout her journey of working in science and robotics for 5 years, Jade teamed up with Max Vallet – who became her co-founder and CEO of Hease Robotics. After creating their team, it took them just 4 months to build a high-quality working prototype of the first robot catered to the retail and hospitality industry. At just the age of 29, Jade spearheads the technical side of the project: determining what the perfect technical options are, managing the team, all to deliver the dream robot in such a short period of time. “But there’s so much more than that – in a startup, everybody has to be flexible, and thanks to my past experience in science communication, I also lend a (big) hand in all PR and communication activities,” comments Jade. And she certainly does lend a big hand. Jade is the founder of the unique worldwide directory of talented women working in robotics and affiliated industries @WomenInRobotics, has her own updated Twitter account @Aratta, publishes informative articles on LinkedIn and manages her tech-focused website.

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